RIS3 in Macro-Regional Strategies

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The workshop, organized by the EUSALP Action Group 1 – Research and Innovation – entitled “RIS3 in macro-regional strategies: Building a comparative framework to learn from other regions” was held in Milan on the 25thof June, at the Lombardy Region building: a moment comparison on the specialization strategies (S3) and the future of the Alpine Region.

The use of technological tools to foster networking among the world of research, business and governance spheres, was the main thread of the second session of the workshop, which was attended by prominent academics of Fribourg University, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and UNIMONT – University of Milan. UNIMONT presented the Re-search Alps platform, an interactive database funded by EU TELECOM/CEF and able to support the achievement of the objectives of Action Group 1. The platform identifies, maps and geolocalises Laboratories, Research Centres, Start-Ups and SMEs located in the Alpine Region and in the 7 EUSALP countries (app.researchalps.eu). 

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Research Class: Big Data Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources in the Re-search Alps Project

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The application of big data integration techniques in real scenarios needs to address practical issues related to the scalability of the process and the heterogeneity of data sources. The Re-search Alps Project,  a project funded by the EU Commission through the INEA Agency in the CEF Telecom framework, aims at creating an open dataset describing innovation and research organizations located  in  the  Alpine  area.  The  input of the process are  open  data  sources,  websites,  portals,  and  public  registries. The  main challenges addressed in the project and the big data integration pipeline adopted will be described in the talk. In particular, the selection of the datasets related to a domain of interest is a critical task in all data integration approaches. In the talk, a tool for exploring the content of a dataset developed in the project will be demonstrated.

The project has been presented by Francesco Guerra – principal investigator – at the University of Rjieka (Croatia).