The project at a Glance

The Re-search ALPS Action aims to gather, consolidate, harmonise and make available to different target groups (public and private bodies) data about laboratories and research and innovation centers active in the seven countries that constitute the Alpine Area.

The action will support the research and development process by providing harmonised information on:

  1. what the laboratories and research centers do;
  2. where they are located;
  3. where excellence emerges, according to research fields/themes and numbers (e.g., number of active researchers, number of published papers, number of prizes, number of ongoing EU projects, number of patents);
  4. key people working in a specific center;
  5. network of relations they highlight in their websites.

The Action is structured in three activities, and aims at achieving three main results:

  • Activity 1  (WP1): definition of a standard set of metadata (based on and extending the one defined by the INSPIRE Geoportal) able to represent laboratories and research and innovation centers;
  • Activity 2 (WP1): publication of an open dataset describing the laboratories existing in the Alpine Area, with particular reference to the 48 Regions constituting the Area;
  • Activity 3 (WP2) : development of a semantic and multilingual web application for  querying the dataset and visualising the obtained results.

UNIMORE leads a Consortium composed of the University of Milan, Sidetrade, the Italian and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).  The main activities are described in WP3.

Project Fact Sheet