WP1: Dataset Creation

Activity 1 will address all the tasks needed to

(1) define a standard set of metadata (extending the ones adopted at the national level) with the ability to represent labs;

(2) publish an open dataset describing the laboratories existing in the seven countries of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP).

To ensure that the data (and metadata) is re-used, understood, discovered and processed, the activity will largely adopt the best practices built upon the ‘Revised PSI Directive’ on the re-use of public sector information (Directive 2013/37/EU), promoted by the Share-PSI network of innovation in European Public Sector information and the metadata defined in the INSPIRE Geoportal.

UNIMORE leads the Activity, Data Publica participates as technical partner, UMIL, MENESR, MIUR act as data providers. Several Public Authorities (PAs) from the seven EUSALP countries, and EUSALP Action Group 1 have already declared their intention to support the project. Other PAs will be involved. They will provide lists of existing and active labs in their areas, and facilitate the communications with them. No CEF funding is allocated for the participation of the above mentioned PAs.

The activity includes the following tasks:

T1.1 Survey, collection and analysis of the available data
T1.2 Survey & analysis of the existing best practices, standards, and services
T1.3 Metadata Definition
T1.4 Development of tools for the automatic and semi-automatic dataset population
T1.5 Dataset analysis and releasing
T1.6 Development of guidelines and tools for the dataset updating