WP2: Dataset Querying and Visualization

Activity 2 will address all the tasks needed for the development of a tool for visualising geo-referenced entities (according to the metadata defined in the project). The tool will be available as a standalone component and integrated in a more general framework for querying the open dataset and retrieving structured data as a result (in a number of possible formats) that shall be released (via a user interface or APIs).

Data Publica leads the activity. UNIMORE, UMIL participate as technical partners, and UMIL MENESR, and MIUR will provide the user requirements. Several Public Authorities (PAs) from the seven EUSALP countries, and EUSALP Action Group 1 have already declared their intention to support the project. Other PAs will be involved. They become users of the developed tools, thus supporting the user requirement definition and the exploitation of the results.

The activity includes the following tasks:
T2.1 User requirements definition
T.2.2 Development of a component for visualising geo-referenced entities
T.2.3 Development of a semantic multilingual search engine for the open dataset
T2.4 Search Engine evaluation and refinement